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Rising from the Norwegian singer/songwriting-tradition; A girl and a guitar, a story and a voice, and what has come to be a unique mix of American roots and indie ballade. During three years in Boston, roots music slowly grew upon Eli and has followed her back to Norway. Today her music varies from raw Delta-blues covers to heartbreaking Americana ballads. By combining the honesty and complexity of her own stories with the simplicity of the roots, she expressed the darkest emotions with an angle-like touch and pulls the listener in. 

"Our favorite aspect you ask? The truthful qualities that Eli Gauden holds in her performance. We can't get enough!.” wrote Gas Mask Magazine after Eli's latest release. A statement many can agree on. Eli has a grace and naturalness on stage which makes you feel like she absolutely belongs in the venue.

Eli has played festivals and shows in the US, south Europe, and is now centered on the Norwegian music scene. She has released two EPs, and three singles. She has spent the last year in the studio is currently preparing for a new release!

"Eli’s vibe is not angry or bitter; instead she is reflective and self-aware, demonstrating an ability to tap into the raw, and sometimes hard to speak about, feelings of humanity with empathy and compassion."

Indie Spoonful

From the moment Eli sings, the room inside your awe-struck heart makes a space for her tender performance.

Please Pass the Indie