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Part 3 - live in the now

June 17, 2019

Live in the now - another cliché to tackle....


Biking is faster than walking. But if you don't know how to bike you don't get far, do you? I realize, I've tried to 'live in the now' meanwhile trying to figure out what it means to 'live in the now'. This is not a lesson on 'how to be present in the moment, though I've lately been learning that being present is more a synonym to acceptance than an antonym to rushing.


Acceptance of where I am. Maybe less why and less when. Just where. It's somehow an observations. When I take walks, I let my hand tap the tree trunks when I pass them and I say 'hi, how are you'. I pick up a leaf from the ground and let my fingers play with it. I stop for 20 seconds and let the wind touch me.


Letting myself physically feel that I am where I am, puts me in the now. I've always done this. But I've never been good at excepting. But when I try and somehow manage, it feels good.




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