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Norwegian singer/songwriter Eli Gauden fell in love with American folk and blues during her studies in US. Now, back in Bergen (NO) you'll find her with resonator guitar and slide on her finger.  


Inspired by artists such as Robert Johnson, Leonard Cohen, Katie Melua, and John Mayer her music varies from raw delta blues to sugar-sweet pop- ballads. She creates a rooted, wondering, and positive vibe through both her covers and originals.


Eli plays house concerts, pubs, cafes, opening slots at concert venues, weddings and more.








Aug 02, 2019


Olav Undeland & Eli Gauden at festival at Voss.

Sep 13, 2019

Blyge Harry, Stavanger

Eli Gauden and Erik Rolland in their new duo coming to Blyge Harry in Stavanger. 17:00

Sep 02, 2019

Bergen Bonanza

Americana night in Bergen. 20 min set by Eli Gauden. Start at 20:00

Sep 26, 2019

Konsert med Eli Gauden

Hardanger Kulturgalleri UTSATT, NY DATO KJEM

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“Eli presents conscientious lyrics that exhibit a bold honesty.  Her vocals are at once softhearted and warm, yet understatedly fearless, self-assured under the skin.  From the moment Eli sings, the room inside your awe-struck heart makes a space for her tender performance.”


We don’t want to spoil the fun too much for you, but we will say that “Another Day” is the textbook definition of a perfect song. Gauden’s masterpiece is unmatched in execution from concept to production.


“Eli’s vibe is not angry or bitter; instead she is reflective and self-aware, demonstrating an ability to tap into the raw, and sometimes hard to speak about, feelings of humanity with empathy and compassion; these complex feelings are in the hands of a skilled song-writer and intelligent lyricist who is an expert at her craft.”


“Honest writing from someone truly pursuing a life in music, who isn't knocked by the complexities of the journey, or is, but channels it into the music! What better way to share our struggles and stories.”


“Eli Gauden's latest tune, Homebound Travel, is folk perfection! We can't help but falling in love with the pure lyrical essence that this tune possesses. Our favorite aspect you ask? The truthful qualities that Eli Gauden holds in her performance. We can't get enough!.”


This is a folk ballad with modern sensibilities that fills all the nooks and cranies with musical nuance.  In the end, “Another Day” triumphs with hope and strength.


‘Another Day’ is a relaxing coffee shop ballad, deserving a place in everyone’s favourite chill playlist.


"It was a pleasure to host her! She has been the less annoying and cleanest* guest I've ever welcomed to our venue! (*apart from her black guitar fingers )"

  • Marc Peitler - US Mex Terrazza, Switzerland.

"What I appreciate most about Eli’s style is its grace and naturalness; one feels she absolutely belongs in the venue."

  • Jonthan Eden, Program Manager at Mary Baker Library


"She went above and beyond to make us happy with the music choice and wonderful atmosphere she created through her music."

  • Rebecca Fhure, Wedding, Boston, USA

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Origin: Norway
Genre: Folk/Americana
Year: 2013 - present
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