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The Walk - new single - "behind the song"

I want to share with you some thoughts regarding my latest release - The Walk.

A songwriter’s primary motivation for writing varies from writer to writer. One may write for different reasons and purposes, and change your reason for writing at different times in life. As a songwriter, I find myself constantly trying new techniques and having different goals for my songs. At times I may write a song, secretly hoping it'll fill up my bank account. Other times I write for a certain audience or events. Sometimes I may want people to dance, maybe cry, feel comfort and so on... In general I try as best as I can to write as if I was the listener; what would I want to hear? Yet, when it comes down to it, my best songs are written when I write for myself; "what is it that I need to express right now?" Truth be said, it might not be my best songs, yet, it’s that feeling of being able to turn my own emotions into words and music, that is so incredibly satisfing. To put it short, it's when I write cause I HAVE to, rather then I WANT to, that it feels like I'm really saying something. This is the case for The Walk.

When I first started this song in early February, I sure knew what I wanted to say. Yet, the main focus was to meet the homework assignment. As time passed by I've come to like the song more and more as I seem to have found words/lyrics that describe a feeling I didn’t know I had.

Although I've been home for a week now, I still find myself somewhere in between Boston and Norway; in between relaxation and exhaustion; in between happiness and depression. I find myself fighting with the devil at the same time as I’m dancing with the angles. It’s a battle that is hard but wonderful, and which I have no other desires then to get through. This is how life feels right now, and that’s what The Walk is about to me. It’s a song of encouragement and hope, and I’m excited to share a song like that with you. I hope you can lean back, close your eyes and let the song empower you. Yet, if this song doesn’t speak to you, that’s okay too. For me, this was a song for self therapy and needs of expression; it was about saying what I needed to say...and I did that:)


I walk for hundreds of days

Count the miles, carried the weight

Dragging my feet and tripping my steps But head is raised Knowing there’s better ways

The road is never too long

As long as I hear the river song Singing my language I know it’s not gone It will show the way If I can just tag along

Just like a broken off branch

I’m withering slowly, but holding my breath I search for a place

where water can flow and air can breath Where I am filled with strength

The roads are never too long

As long as I hear the river songs Singing my language I know it’s not gone It shows the way If I can just tag along

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