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Finally, after lots of work and (lately) lots of waiting, my first EP, The Walk, is online for you to listen and download.You can listen on Spotify and iTunes and download HERE or on to the left).

This initial idea for this EP started when I one day pictured myself walking along a quiet river stream; picking up some treasures along the way, while leaving others behind. Life itself is just like such a walk, I thought, and started writing down the words that was to become the title track for this EP. The Walk is my first EP release. It has only original music representing ups and down throughout the last year. Through a blend of Americana, folk, and blues, I hope my music can take you on an enjoyable ride.

Also, stay tuned for info about release concert. As of today the day is Friday 19th of august at 7 PM at Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter!

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