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A shout-out to you!

To make people come to your concert you've got to give them a reason to come. Something more then just "listen to me sing". To release an EP; sell it in the door, sign it, and let the audience be "the first ones" to get a hold of your new stories...that is what I like to call "a reason to come to a show".

I had my release concert about a week ago, and I had such a good time. You never know who shows up to these private concerts when you live in a small town like mine. As I hope my friends and family know, having them show up and support me means the world. Yet, seeing faces that I barely recognize, that makes me go "oh is he/she here?", gives me that extra spark of confidence and satisfaction...Seeing people who came because they wanted to, not because they "had to" or where asked to.

In any how; the venue was full, people came in as the hour flew by. I played new music, old music, coves. I saw tears in some peoples eyes, while others enjoyed it with their eyes closed... and what that gives to me is that it makes up for all the hours and frustration spent trying to make the feelings come across. It makes being a musician 100% worth it!

Thank you for coming! Thank you for supporting my by listening, and/or buying my EP. I will keep on writing and performing because of you <3

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