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Making music with these two guys

We spent about two hours last night recording this new cover-song; me, Ethan, and Sam. Most of the time was spent talking bullshit, laughing of echo-other, trying to make the camera work, fighting with the mic-stand...and so on.. But in the end, when our cello Player Scott Peters had to run to class, we did actually play some music as well. And YOU can check it out BELOW! Ethan Setiwan and Sam Amos are great players. I love making music with such passionate and talented, but yet funny and relaxed musicians.Such a good time!

Check out the film; Share, like, and comment...We need your likes;)

Everything is Free, by Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings Here featuring Ethan Setiawan and Sam Amos.

Also... take some time to check out Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings. Their a Nashville based duo who's played together for the last 20 years(since they met at Berklee). Their music is based on american old-time music, but as still very relatable for todays society. The song above, Everything is Free, was written by Welch as a respond to today's music industry. Cool, ha?

"Everything Is Free"

Everything is free now That's what they say Everything I ever done Gonna give it away Someone hit the big score They figured it out That we're gonna do it anyway Even if it doesn't pay I can get a tip jar Gas up the car Try to make a little change Down at the bar Or I can get a straight job I've done it before Never minded working hard It's who I'm working for And everything is free now..... Every day I wake up Hummin' a song But I don't need to run around I just stay home And sing a little love song My love, to myself If there's something that you want to hear You can sing it yourself 'Cause everything is free now That's what I say No one's got to listen to The words in my head Someone hit the big score And I figured it out That we're gonna do it anyway Even if it doesn't pay

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