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There's music in the making, new videos to come, upcoming gigs.... and I want YOU to hear it, feedback, and share it around.

Although school is demanding, I still spend most of my time working on my own projects. As some of you may know, I'm trying to post ONE NEW COVER VIDEO each week this fall. I must admit I'm a tiny bit behind, but I've stil got a chance to play with a lot of great musicians by using this "I need a video NOW"-excuse. I'm also...and this is exciting..putting together A NEW EP. I play the role as producer, engineer, songwriter and singer, and trying my best to not get lost in this maze of things to keep track on; but to get a few well recorded songs out there. More about that later... ;) NOW, what I wanted to say is: There's new music on the way, and I would LOVE for you to follow my different channels, give feedback, come with requests and enjoy music together with me!

Pick up your phone and "like me" <3

Find your phone and "like me" <3

- Love E.

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