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Music video collaboration

Last December I had the great pleasure of taking part of a show here in Valencia called Innovation: En vivo! It was a wonderful production with great team and artists. The show took place in the beautiful Palao del Sofia Reina, and was sold out. The show focused on technological innovation and featured artists who in some way or the other broke some barriers with their music/art/design. What I did, was that I combined my folk/slide-tune with electronic sound design and visual designes, hence created something very different then what I usually do, and a quite unique sound.

We got great feedback after the show (thank you).. and therefore decided to record the song and put it to the video which we had already made for the show.

To my excitement, Berklee decided to feature it on their Youtube channel, and HERE IT IS..finally!!!

This has been a great great project to take part of, and has thought me the importance of collaborating, patience, being kind, being openminded, and trying something new.

Please check it out and like and share! :)

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