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I've always been strongly attached to nature. Outdoor is where I find pease, joy, understanding, and comfort. It's something magic about mornings; a new in front of you, clean and ready to be filled with whatever you may put into it. It's also something special with evenings; seeing the sun set behind a hill or down in the see... closing the day off. Ready to rest.

As a call and respond to my self regarding this, I wrote this song called "In the evening". I recorded it and put it on my first EP, but have not done much with it since. As I listen through today I realized that a potential video would have to be shot in Norway, in Norheimsund, my dearest little town. However...I'm in Spain.

So I did this instead, put together a photo/iphone-clips kind of video with footage taken in Norheimsund last summer.

I hope this can awake some true, happy, and passionate feelings in you, and maybe make you want to do a little evening walk more often :)

#musicvideo #nature #life

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