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FINALLY, things are happening!

It's been a difficult last semester of school. I've had many ideal, plans, goals, and hopes, which all where doable in some way or the other, but which yet didn't fall through like planned. There's been many disappointments; some from other people I believed had my back, and some by inconvenient accidents/events which can happen anytime to anyone. This have all affected my music and where I stand right now.

Despite all I stand strong. I've learned so much about so many things lately. About feelings I didn't know existed, about myself as an artists and leader, and practically about how to go about my career. And the best thing is that although I'm far far far from where I had hoped tone today, it feels okay. I have a open future, and plenty of time to learn and grow and keep building my art. Although the idea of quantity seem to take over for quality for striving music students like myself...when it all comes down to it, the world is not in a hurry. If what I have to give is good, the world will be just as much accepting in two years as now. I can take my time.

Still, I am very happy that my EP is finally coming together. I'm spending a last week in Valencia recording a few songs with Sam Amos, Scott Peters, and David Yandell. The EP is called "Follow Me Home" and is a concept album talking about home in it's many different forms. It's a topic I feel very present in my own life, having made Valencia my home this year, trying to find a home in other people, while always mission my real home and now finally taking the turn and going back to my roots. I am very excited to be able to share this later this summer.

Before that...keep you eyes open for a few singles :)

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