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MINI-TOUR in Europe

Ahhh back in my own bed :) A year or a week away, there's nothing like coming home. Before leaving for my tour I was quite stressed and exhausted and worried. How on earth would be able to get through even just a week on the road? But as with most things, the hardest is to get started. Once I left and was on the go, things started falling into place just the way I had hoped for. Else from....well, a few days of too much ibuprofen, and a few "gosh, why am I doing this I hate airports" , the week has gone so so smoothly and feels more like a vacation then "work".

From Switzerland to Spain to Netherlands... I've met a bunch of extremely generous and inspiring people; both audience, hosts and venue-owners. I've met lots of friends from years back or only weeks back, and it'd felt great to laugh and smile. Every show has been different and great fun in each their way. From sunset concerts in Switzerland, to Open Mic style show in Valencia, to Greenhouse concert in Utrecht...And from paddle boarding in Steckborn to San Juan celebration in Valencia to beach-chill to dancing to sunrise yoga...

I'm very happy and thankful and satisfied....Now time to take it slow for a little bit... a whole month till I again have to fight with flight attendants about carrying my guitar on the aircraft :)

Cheers, E.

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