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A green future?

...It’s been almost a week since the election here in Norway. Since then I’ve felt a need to write something. I feel like I should say something; speak a little loader and come with some wise words about democracy and equality. The problem is that I feel a little empty, and don’t really know where to start…

I’ve never been too engaged in the election, else then making sure I vote for the party I support. This year’s election, however, has been different. The main reason why I feel so, is that more parties has spoken load about environmental preservation as one of their prioritized causes. This has not been the case earlier, where a couple of parties has been staples as green, whereas the others has talked about it as if “thinking green” is for those “special”, a little demanding, alternative people… Luckily, this year, environment/global warming has been talked about as a real thing; a real problem which needs to be solved. What this does, is that no matter what party you vote for, you may feel like you support the environment. The question is, is this a fact? Will environment actually be a priority, even for the parties whose main causes are cheaper alcohol and less immigrants? What does “we will think green” really means?

These questions can only be answered by time, and I give my trust to the new prime minister that "we will think green" will be turned into action. I did, however, what I could to "think green" and voted for the greenest party that exist, the one which “naturally” is one of the smallest. I knew this is a small party and would not make it to the top what so ever. Yet, I can stop wondering, why, to this day, is the part still so small? Despite the big words and promises throughout the selection, why are the green thinkers still a minority? And being treated like a minority? Like a group of people who mean something different and unpractical.. How come the green party still be on the bottom, when this cause is becoming one of the most talked about topics?

You see... (I will be quite direct now, and maybe a little ignorant, but I believe that's quite normal when you have something you’re passionate about)... You see, I can’t understand that not EVERYONE sees our EARTH as the first priority. I mean, If the world goes under(due to floods, tsunamis, raising sea level, change in ecosystem, etc..) then it doesn’t matter how nice our roads are, if we have high functional healthcare, if schools are big or small, or if you pay 34 or 36% taxes, ….cause then it’ll be all over anyhow.

So, shouldn’t we start taking care of our earth, and deal with “everyday life” from there? I know this is a quite naive thought…but...

Norway is a small country, but can make a great difference. A reduction in pollution in Norway does not make a big number from a global perspective. BUT we are a wealthy and highly respected country. If we can make a stand for environment, percentwise reduce our pollution, put environment in front of money(#oildrillinginLofoten), find a way to make it "easy" for ourselves to think green"...ya, be responsible…. Don’t you think others will follow? Responisbility, being brave, choosing that bumpy road which this may be, that is what inspires. Being a country which sits on its butt, rich and happy watching others struggle, is after all not a country people will look up to.

No, this is not about being a country people “like” or not. The environmental issues we're facing does not have borders, we know that. Yet, I believe that some of the power we need comes from nations as one, or at least societies, groups of passionate and persistant people. I believe we in Norway can be that. Although I wished things went differently in our election, I still believe and hope that our leaders can take smart decisions and help us(the residents) think greener.

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