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Tom Petty - a legend

It’s been a few weeks since singer/songwriter Tom Petty sadly passed away. At first, I couldn’t understand it. How is that possible? That him, such and icon and legend, such a songwriter, with a name so stapled in our minds and ears; How could he die? The easy answer is that, as all of us, Petty is mortal after all.

I sometimes forget. I forget that also important, appreciated, well-known front figures can a die. Tom Petty is part of our generation, one of our front-men, our leaders through music. He is inspiration for other songwriters, he is peace for millions of listeners.How can he just be gone? What's gonna happen? How can the world go on without them? It feel like the ground I've walked on, and considered the truth, suddenly breaks. I felt the same about Leonard Cohen and Michael Jackson, and Amy Winehouse, artists which from a musicians standpoint are absolutely unique in what they do.

That empty feeling when someone is gone, is it someone personally close to you og someone like Tom Petty, is too much to take in or put words to. The concept off being born and passing away; we get it but do we really understand it? I understand that physically that's the way it goes. But what is soul? What is spirit? What is energy? What really happens when someone says goodbye?

This is how my mind starts spinning when I take time to consider and feel what I really feel. To put words to what I can't really describe. It doesn't lead to much understanding or conclusions, but maybe a little bit acceptance. Will the the world go on without Tom Petty? The truth is that it will. It’s a bitter path to keep walking. Yet, it’s a path build with of solid ground, true words, a voice with power, and many many inspired souls.

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