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A place to call home

After having USA or Spain as my base for some years, and Norway as a “vacation destination”, the situation has finally switched. I'm back home!

Eli Gauden at a norwegian beach

I’ve always been home-bound, and the need to come home has probably increased in pace with the time spent away. I’ve come to realize how lucky I am to have a place to call home, something or someone I can always come back to. And as much as the wide world temps me with all its magnificent destinations; When I have a home, I better hold on to it. “Borte bra men hjemme best” is a commonly used Norwegian expression. It means that it’s good to be away, but it’s better to be home. And that is just the way it is!

When I graduated Berklee last spring, I took the decision to not plan for the upcoming year. I didn’t know if I was happy or sad, and I didn’t know if I needed space or comfort. But I knew I was broke and pretty exhausted, so I moved home and started working, and let one day lead to the next day. Maybe I should have planned a little bit…But the good thing is; the less you plan, the less job applications you send out, and the less money you have, then the less choices you have. (good for someone like me who can NOT take choices). So in the end, I didn’t have much choice… it was time to explore Bergen.

What I love about living in Bergen:

1) I don’t live at home(in my parents house).

2) I don’t live far from home(yes, I need my parents).

3) I have my own room where I can isolate myself and work. And it’s very cozy.

4) Bergen has a bunch great musicians, music/career organizations, and some pretty alright venues.

5) I know the culture. I know the language.

6) I can hike every morning if I want.

7) It’s small(compared to US sized cities)

8) But big enough

9) My dinner is direct copy of the 40%-shelf on CoopPrix = simple lifestyle = ME

10) If I go to bed at 8 pm, no-one will know.

The step I have taken now; moving away, but not far, is usually the first step that people take. I just took it the opposite direction. Start far and slowly got closer. It feels a little funny. But it feels good. I don’t like to not be a student, I need to have someone to tell me to d things. But I do also really enjoy having the time to work on whatever I want, actually finish a song, actually take a coffee with someone, and...yes..go to bed as early as I want.

As I’m writing I find that I talk as much to myself as I talk to you. Music/artist-life has not been easy lately. Motivation has been hiding somewhere quite far. But as I write my own list of what I love about Bergen, I remind myself about the possibilities and freedom I have. Maybe I'm not where I had hoped or thought I’d be at this point or this age. But I do have the chance to use every day for what it’s worth, and let that lead the way!

Bergen, Floyen Mountein, November 2017

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