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What would my New Years Facebook-post look like?

Another year is over, and 2018 is already pacing way. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time staring at my Facebook wall, skimming through people’s thanks, wishes and blessings. With my tense relationship to social media, I’ve needed time to figure IF I should post something, and if so, WHAT I would write.

Sometimes, words on Facebook seem to be made of the finest, shiniest, thinnest crystal. Very promising…but breakable. However, only the ones who write the words knows they’re breakable. Thus, I will read through everyone’s status and think “how amazing lives everyone have. How do they do it?” If I want, I can probably do the same; thank for all my “achievements” and amazing friends, pray for peace on earth, and let the words ring and shimmer like gold. I could show the world that also I am a person who is positive and appreciate what has been given to me. Only I would know that my list of goals and achievements do not line up at all, and that my friends are disappearing one by one because I can not keep in touch...and..we would all know that peace on earth doesn't really happen only through a Facebook statur. Naturally, after too much overthinking, I’ve ended up not posting a New Years Status.

But… life is good. Truly. It’s beautiful sometimes. It’s inspiring sometimes. It’s freeing and exciting. I am they say. We can change the they say. Why can’t I post, then? What holds me back?

I start looking at my life and analyze what actually happened this year. Are there anything to thank for? Are my days fulfilling? Do I spend my days on things that creates a life I want to live? Turns out, my high point of the year was something I spend 0,01% time doing. And the low point is something I cannot do anything about(at least alone). High point: on my 26th birthday I got to read Mamma Mø(children’s book) for my nephew and sing him to sleep. Low point: Seeing Donald Trump’s twitter post about how global warming is a concept created by the Chinese.(ARE YOU KIDDING ME?)

50% of my time I sit in my apartment and write songs which goes in the trash afterwards. 40% of my time I stare at the white wall and try to convince myself to practice banjo. 1% of the time I do fun, inspiring, and exciting things. Very little time is spent on my nephew(family in general), and no time is spent on understanding politics(putting an end to Trump's political career). And "peace on earth", do I even work towards that at all? (a concept so complex it would need it's own blog-post). So this is a simplified explanation of why writing a thanks-for-the-year post is difficult; The unbalance of what I spend my time on vs. what makes me happy, combined with the glossy Social media image.

There is no conclusion here. I'm rambling and thinking out load. I'm attacking social media, you and myself. BUT, I want to say: Let's take a moment and reflect on what our New Years Facebook status would look like in our personal diaries, and with that as a starting point, try to make the best out of 2018!

2017 has led me up and down many hills. I would definitely do things differently could I take it back, but I’ve learned a lot after all. And I can promise that for the next year, that 1% of fun things will increase!!!

Happy New Year!!

A Human Firework!

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