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Finally my single, Homebound Travel, is available on all music platforms. Very happy to share it with you! Click HERE to listen! A little update: I feel relieved and happy to finally have some new music for my listeners. It's been an up-and-down kind of process. Sometimes, when you work on a song, you think it's done and you think you're happy, and then suddenly your hear it with a new pair of ears, and it's not what you had meant it to be. Other times it's the opposite. You think a song is not good enough or finished, and you keep working and working but never getting satisfied. But by the end of the day, maybe "unfinished and raw" is what the song needs.

With Homebound Travel I've felt like it was not what I had intended it to be. And truth me said, it isn't. But, when I could finally hear it released on Spotify two days ago, it felt fine. It felt like a nice and finished song. I'm proud to share! The songwriter in me hopes my lyrics will lead you(the listener) to some nice places, and that you'll join my homebound travel.

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