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Follow Me Home - available July 15th - presave it here

I grew up amongst apple trees and cows, mountains and fjords. I never paid too much attention to it as a kid. But after being away from home some years, my connection to home has only grown stronger and stronger. And so has my bound to the nature around me.

The feeling of loving someone or something is hard to describe. When I ask my mum, dad, sister, og grandma, how they you know that you've found the right one, they give the same aswer;"you just know it". Okay, so similarly, when I'm out in the nature, I just know that this is my home. Things fall into places and feel right. I can't really describe why or how, it's just a feeling. I just know it. That also means, seeing fields being turned into cites, almost physically hurts me. The nature is my love and hurting it hurts me. I sound crazy, but this is simply what it feels like to have a strong tie to the nature.

After only being focused on my music some years, I thought it's finally time to make a stand for the nature, but thought my music. This is how this project/EP called Follow Me Home, was born.

Follow Me Home is an organic, acoustic, folky EP. It features a raw resonator sound and a honest and direct voice, mixed with elements from both the natural and electronic world. I's for the listeners who pay attention, for sad Sundays, for thoughtful mornings, and lost nights.

But most importantly: It will be available on all online platforms as well as VINYL PRINT. And this is where nature plays a part. The physical Vinyl will be sold in small washable and reusable eco-fruit-bags. 50% of the revenues of this year’s sale(2018) goes to Greenpeace. The Vinyl will be sold on my upcoming summer tour, as well as in person sale. Yes, I am only a young, establishing artist who dream about green grass, blue rivers, and pure air. Yet, it's important for me to somehow convey a deeper message through my music. Although Follow Me Home does not make the greatest difference for nature alone, my goal is that people will use my little eco-bag(@beeorganic), feel inspired by my music, and smile to the nature around them.

If you enjoy my music and like the idea of supporting nature preservation through music, give me a pre-save here, and help me spread my words by sharing this post, my Spotify, Instagram or so on. :)

Thank you! Can't wait to share my new music with you.


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