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Hard. Work.

I find inspiration in people who work hard. Mainly those who work hard, while staying healthy and sane. Working just hard enough, but not "too hard" is a fine balance to keep. Also, to work hard is a whole different thing then working hard with focus and intension. So...I wrote this following post in a moment of inspiration are realization. I hope it can inspire you too.

Take a nice look at this photo

My dad has owned this property for a long time. My grandpa grew up here, and I believe my dad got the property when his father passed away. Back then, what you see on the photo above, was only a forest(I think).

It's about 2-3 years since my dad first told me about his plan to cut down the wood and put up houses instead. I did not like the idea. At all. The activist in me took the word and said it would be a better and more sustainable idea to build a proper farm where you can grow greens and breed cows. Not to mention giving work to a lot of people, while also keeping the natural habitat. Of course, my opinion was not paid attention to. After all, I was only a youngster with wild, unlimited dreams, ready to conquer the world.

Two years later, this is the result. 18 beautiful houses. I'm lucky to live in one of them. And I do have to say, although I still believe in my farm-idea, I am very proud. My dad has worked harder, then any one I know, and I know a lot of hardworking people. He is the brain behind everything and has made sure everything has happened the way he wanted. Day and night, sacrificing some of his hobbies and some family-time, to make this dream of his come true. Not to mention he actually retired a few years ago (and now working 200%). He gets up every morning, drive 1.5 hour to get to work, stay there all day, deal with a bunch of horrible carpenters, get back home at 9, go to the office to do the last administrative work, before he can finally have a few minutes with my mum. And then the same thing next day.

It was not till a month ago, when the houses were very close to done, that he said for the first time. "I'm empty".... I was like. "Empty? Of course you are. Most people would be empty 20 months ago. You're a frickin' God". I did not say that. I said "I understand, I know how that feels". But that's what I thought. And I still do. I truly look up to him for being able to set a goal, and go full in.'s the main point. Yes, he may have sacrificed a few things. However, he worked out of a structured plan and took step by step to reach his goal. And he did, after all, put in time to his family when it was needed and made sure to have a life on the side. In my eyes he managed to be a father, husband, grandpa and band-mate(yes, he has a band), while working double-full time on this project. I'm not even able to be date and a musician at the same time(requires too much thinking). Yes, music is sure different then carpentry. But the ability to be able to balance your work with your personal life is the same. That's why I find so much inspiration in now living in the work of my dad, and observing how he reached it and keep doing so.

On the same topic, I listened to a podcast this morning(<-- Listen), where music counselor Brett Manning said that motivation is crap, and that it is drive that keeps you going. He said, motivation is

"If I could, I would",

while drive is

"I will do it anyhow".

That is definitely what my dad has done. I admire him so much for that, and will use him as my motivation. My drive, however, that will have to come from myself. And the only way to go about that... is to stop waiting, and start doing!


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