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How to enhance your quality of life. Or not.

There's a lot of great little ticks and tips on how to live more sustainable. Number one is probably "Don't buy new stuff if you don't really need it". And I would like to add "If you really need it, see if you can get it second hand".

The problem is that this is the hardest guidelines to follow, at least when you live in the city. I'm sure that every one who reads this is well aware of how stores(especially clothing stores) allure you with its bright lights, clothes nicely folded, organized by color, big glossy signs, and not to talked about "30% only today". Of course my brain automatically goes "oh Eli, I think you need one of those glitter jumpsuits with open back and neck strap"… What the heck? When have I ever needed that? Well, okay, I give in to my new, exciting thought of becoming a sexy disco girl in my new jump suit, and go in and buy it. (This is only an example. I don't have a disco jumpsuit).

But here's the thing; The season's trends are so clear and dominating. When I walk through the city, I see similar looking clothing in all the different stores. They're all following the same "trend". Even after living here for only a week now, I've seen the same things so many times that my brain adjust to it, and little by little start liking it. (Yes, it's a bit like falling in love). Eventually I am 100% convinced that I actually need this thing and that it will enhance my life greatly. So I buy it.

Deep inside(not even that deep) I know I can survive without it, and that there are other ways to find happiness. But do you ever have those days, though, where you think that you'll be happier if only you change your style a little, get some new clothes, start using eye-lotion, and sexy underwear? Well, yes, it works…for one day. And then you're like "Hmm.. I'm actually still lonely, even if my eye-lotion is suppose to reduce my wrinkles 11% each week."

Don't worry folks, I do not buy all sorts of stuff all the time, but I do have these thoughts and feel the temptations ALL the time.

And now to the event that sparked this little ramble.

I bought a bike today. I've been looking online for second hand bikes, and there were quite a few. I tried one of them, and I've contacted several others. But then yesterday, as I passed by a sports store, I saw a new bike with the same price as the used ones. Since I knew my dad prefers to buy new, proper equipment, I thought I'd take a look. Long story short, after doing some research over night, I got back there today and bought a bike. But do you think I ended up with the cheap one I first looked at? Of course not, I bought one that was twice as expensive. Still cheap, but… hallloo Eli, where did your values go? …And now I feel bad and regret.

But then, who does it help that I'm punishing myself for buying a new, good bike that I will bike 20 km with every day, and use for years until it falls apart. Maybe I didn't do the biggest crime after all. But my eye-lotion, sexy underwear, and disco-jumpsuit, I believe I will be just fine without!

Anyone relate, feel free to leave a comment.

#sustainableliving #newthings #happiness #greenliving

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