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Bottleneck & Blues

Happy Sunday!! I hope it's a good one for everyone reading. Here in Bergen there's been rainy(no surprise) and moody, and I have not done much of what I had planned. Even if it's Sunday, and nothing special going on, I guess my body wanted a day off music and work. I'm trying to not beat myself up every time that happens. Noone can always work, ay? But I guess a little more structure and focus would not hurt.

Anyhow, talking about moody and rainy; how about some blues? I'm practicing the bottleneck these days, and made a video from my practice. I absolutely love old-time blues. For those who's not familiar with it, old-time blues or delta blues, is basically blues from the early 1900s. What you'll hear here (link below) is a song by Robert Johnson written and performed in 1930. (original here). It's a very unique style and sound which I adore and get pulled into as if there's some magic over it.

Hope you like this stuff as much as I do. Would be very happy if you'd like to support my facebook page by giving the video a thumb up, and share it with someone you think might need it.

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