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Wild Flower - Finally music video


Why I love nature and why it worries me to think about the future: I love autumn, I love spring, I love summer, I love winter. I love climbing trees, I love flowers, I love dipping my toes in the water, I love exploring the woods. I love chatting with the animals I meet… And I love much more. And I do this as often as I can. Nature is life in it's purest form, and it teaches me how to be and to love. But will our future generations be able to experience the same? Here's my love song to nature. It was recorded in May this year, with help from my brother @Bård Gauden, and has been laying around since then. But I believe it's time for a little summer-reminder ! I really hope you can enjoy this. You can find the song itself on all music platforms if you like it and want to listen more:) #savetheearth


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