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Putting life on pause

Life is on hold. Work, future, and plans are put on pause. And for once, it's okay.

My grandma is sick. We don't know if she has minutes, hours, or days left. Her three daughters have been sitting around her bed for the last three days. And for the rest of us, her grandchildren, we visit, hug, and kiss, and elsewise eat, breath and think.

Normally, progress, efficiency, and growth are key-words to a successful day. I am, indeed, a victim of societies aim for perfection. But now, our minds are not at work, they are not on efficiency, not on progress… Nothing matters but my grandma and the love she has created, which we now send her in return. Nothing matters, but sitting hour after hour, holding her hand, and guiding her towards the lands of gold.

To be honest...

In the midst of the sadness and heartbreak, I am in fact living more fully in this "forced break from life", then any other productive day. I am "allowed" to just exist in a space of love, unconscious of time, while watching my grandmother's chest raise and lower.

We're all in this together more then ever, and our sense of NOW, US, and HERE has never been stronger.

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