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2019 - What chu got for me?

After a lot of writing about not knowing what to do and which direction to push myself, January has started and it's time to give you a little update on which roads I have finally ventured onto.

I think I have to quote my own Instagram post:

So... I live in the same house as last fall. But I have a new room. It's big and it's only for me. This is a luxury which many musicians could only dream of. I've only lived here a few days, but has started to build a little practice and recording space for myself(a home studio without most of the things which makes a studio a studio). I have my office desk for business work, and I finally got a SOFA for reading and writing and late evenings with hot wine.

Your surroundings, the mental condition of your space, is so important!!! Now, I finally have a space where I can do whatever I want and be me without interruptions and frustrations. It's just SO important for a creator!

What truly keeps me going, is that I'm starting get more students. I teach guitar, piano, and songwriting…and it's great fun. This does not take me closer to my career as a performing artist, but it makes me use my skills and knowledge to inspire and help others, which in return, inspires me so much. I love seeing young kid's eagerness to learn. I see the rock-dream in their eyes while they struggle to get that F-chord right. I'm crossing my fingers for a few more students, so I can keep this my only side-job.

Creating this room of creation and inspiration, combined with trying to inspire my students to practice, also makes me want to work a little harder to get a little better. I have new strings on my guitar, have wiped the dust of my banjo(it's been 4 months. No not kidding), found my brother's home-made cajun and started learning, got a new mic, a new mic-stand… you know, just getting ready for learning. The room is not quite ready yet, but I am!

What I'm not ready for. Will I ever be? What is ready? What is good? What is bad? I'm talking about sending my demos out to studios and producers. It feels like I always have a reason to not finish a demo, give a song a try, be satisfied with some work….getting myself out to the world.

But that's the next step. Indeed.

So feel free to give me kick in the butt, someone.

This was my little update for now. I know (I hope, at least) that 2019 will bring a lot of great things which I still have NO idea about yet. Exciting, hu?

Feel free to comment your own 2019 paths, new plans, wishes or thoughts below.... and welcome over to drink tea in my new sofa :)


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