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A smiling music-update

Between all my thoughtful poem-like, maybe meaningless, maybe meaningful, blogposts, I need to send out a little update on what's actually going on these days.

First of all, spent the last two days in studio. I have only recorded at home for the last year, besides rent-in studio-sessions. Being in a real studio with a real producer, working on MY art, was therefore really nice. I was in Broen Studio where me and the producer created magical sounds, played instruments we don't know how to play, and twisted and turned the music the way we wanted. I loved hearing one of my favorite song turning into real production, and can't wait to hear the final result and share it with you!

Besides that, I got the really great news that one of my music videos are finally done and ready for release. I can't give you a more specific date then in about a week right now. But I'm telling you, it's the first video I DONT make on my own. In other's much better. haha. Stay tuned! (PS: remember this song? )

To people in Norway, I'm playing two shows the last week. One in BERGEN and one in VOSS. Check out the events. Would be awesome to see some familiar faces:)


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