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The story about soil and grass

This is the story about the soil and the grass, and about not knowing in who's heart you belong.

#Breakup // Theme: Love


Suddenly the grass decided "soil, I don't want to touch anymore".

Told him to look the other way.

The soil adored it's beautiful grass so much.

"You need me" he said.

"No, I need myself, I can't be two"

Poor soil, what could he do?

"Well, if that's what you want" he unwillingly agreed.

In separated effort they tried to create some air between them.

The grass straightened her spine and gazed towards the horizons,

downloaded Tinder, temporarily blind,

and hopeful for a new start.

While the soil silently sank down into himself and gave her heart what she said she needed.

Days went by. The soil watched it's dearest grass trying to fly,

trying to be the other grass on the other side,

looking for wetter soil, softer ground, sweeter summer days,

and awkward tinder dates.

Stubborn but ignorant the green grass turned gray,

one strain after the other.

She tried to ignore the winter on her skin and her withering heart.

Until the real winter sat in,

and the warm soft soil weren't anywhere to find.

"Well I guess I forgot", she thought for herself, "that grass aren't really meant to fly.

"Indeed my child", mother earth sang through the air.

"Thou the soil may drain well and air flow in circles.

It might not be the soil for the grass you are.

Love is universal,

but not where you find it".

So the grass found her typewriter from the 60's,

let her thoughts move slowly, letter for letter

faded ink like a humble hope .

wrote a poem about grass and soil and the matter of life.

The passing of time,

and asked forgiveness.

"The grass; if she wants to settle down again.

Soil, will you still have her?"

.... "My grass", he wrote back.

"I think you know the answer"

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