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Here's a tip. It's not new nor extraordinary, but it might make you feel extraordinarily great. The tip: Leave your phone and your earplugs and go out in the woods. You see, I told you, it is nothing extraordinary. But, when was last time you did that?

I've always said that "I love nature". I do. Yet, find myself sitting inside almost all day, trying to force myself to practice or do something "important".

Photo: Viktorija Ge

I want to go skiing, I want to go hiking, I want to sleep outside, I want to learn how to horse-ride, I want to build a personal botanic garden, I want to build a wooden tree-hut, I want to swim in ice-water, I want to count the stars and talk with my friends up there, I want to hug an oak cause they are such good huggers…

But "I can't". So I tell myself. As I'm getting more and more settled on making a career out of my music, I have started saying no to things I used to love. Unfortunately this includes saying no to nature, avoiding meeting friends(cause I'm "too busy"), dancing (which used to be my nr.1 favorite thing), and other social activities.

This is becoming a bad habit which gets harder and harder to get out of as days go by. But I have to. After all, I want to be happy right? Don't I want to feel myself smile and my heart jump up and down in joy..? I'm not saying playing music doesn't make me smile, it just isn't, and have never been, the only thing that matters to me. So why do I try to force it?

Now... I have decided to put aside one day per week which I call nature-day. It doesn't mean I have to be outside all day, although I can. It simply means I will allow myself to spend time on nature related things like writing about nature, reading and learning about the environment and global issues, take photos outdoor, make an effort to engage with organizations, and so on…

For someone like me, who struggle with structure and work as a freelancer (bad combination), "marking" the days of the week with themes, seem to be a way out. (I have actually started to put "rest-day" in my schedule too...Not working so well yet, but practice makes better)

Back to you: You can aslo leave your phone and ear-plugs and go to the gym, to climbing class, go to a café with a news paper, visit your grandma, or something else which makes you smile inside. Maybe you are doing all these things. If so, that's great!! But if you're like me, needing a little push and inspiration, then I hope this was a tiny bit inspiring.

Make resting and fun-time part of your daily schedule! (Here's a video from today's trip)

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