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Easter magic

I like Easter. From I was young I've been thought that a man sacrificed his life to teach humans what love truly means. We decorate our house with yellow chickens to celebrate and remember this gift to humanity. But as I grow older, and no longer decorate the house yellow, seek for Easter egg, or go to church, I've had to stay focused to keep the magic of Easter alive within me.

Regardless of religion and who Jesus was, I find the story about him extremely inspiring. It is a metaphor of how I want to live my life; guidance and a reminder of how to love. This takes practice.

It was a quiet, peaceful Easter morning along the fjords of Norway today, but I felt a sense of longing. As if I was looking for some words or some sort of meaning. So I took my favorite book down from my shelf and open up on a random page, knowing it would speak to me like it always does when I'm in need.

..."Jonathan", he said, and these were the last words that he spoke, "keep working on love"...

Spot on. I don't know what Easter means to you, but to me, it's a reminder to keep working on love.

(Photo by Viktorija Gedrimiene Photography. She knows how to capture the spring/easter vibe)💛

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