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New Music Video

Hurray, Homebound Travel music video is out 🎥🥳

This video does not only feature me, my music, and conflicting thoughts regarding travel, it's filmed in my beautiful hometown, Norheimsund/Hardanger, amongst trees, rocks, mountains and fjords. Everything I love. ⛰

Especially thanks to @Hardanger fartøyvernsenter for use of location and boats. And most of all thanks to Martin Nilsen for camera/clipping and Kirsti LouderthanMilk for clipping.

In fact, we filmed this last summer. Since then the files has been floating around amongst space and time… Though some of our takes seems to be gone forever, Martin/Kirsti still manage to put together this video. I’m so happy to share it with you and hope you will enjoy it and feel tempted to visit my wonderful land 🇳🇴

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