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'another day'

'another day' is finally out, available on all music platforms 🙌🌵

I recommend you to turn the volume up, your shoulders down, lean back.....and enjoy!



The biggest thanks to Broen Studio and Jens Kristian Mørkeby Rimau for production. 💛 And shout out to Viktorija Gedrimiene Photography for amazing photos!


A new day is a new chance to wake up with clear mind, new thoughts, and to make it your own. But a new day can also be 'Just another Day'. It has been that for me for a long time. But when I wrote 'Another Day', I wanted to change that. I felt heartbroken and disappointed of myself. But I wanted to thank the day, even if I "failed" on it, and rather put my focus on the next one. I wanted to say "okay Miss.Today, this was not how I had planned to use you, but ok. We did. We were. Time went by. I'll try again another day".

Does this resonate with you? If you are like me and need to switch your mindset, or if you have thoughts and tips to share, please post below or put a post on instagram using the hashtag #anotherday. Let's help and support each other! :)

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