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Part 4 - making it to Vermont

From my experience travel does not necessarily equals happiness. Beach-photos or airplane-photos may be breath-taking, but what's going on inside may not match your surroundings. It doesn't help much to find gold if you're seeking for sement…if you know what I mean?

However, it is possible, I have recently learned, that timing, location, emotions, weather, ambitions, and personalities are all playing the same game and fitting together like a perfectly made cogwheel. That's how my trip to Vermont felt. I can't really get into the specifics without writing half a book, but I will say: I needed a break. I needed to NOT push myself to do music, yet I needed music to inspire me like it once did. I needed teamwork. I needed good conversations. Needed a new scenery. I needed a timeline, project and consequences. I needed result.

Coming to Vermont and deciding to record a EP in one week was simply a perfect thing to do when I was feeling a little low, burned out, uninspired, and turned inwards. This week allowed me to relax with the fact that we would have a result by the end of the week. That again allowed time to use itself the way it wanted to without creating any pressure and tension. It was an amazing feeling I am not familiar with; Feeling relaxed yet productive.

THAT is why I am so happy with what me, Dunc, and Ethan did this week. Objectively, our recordings are nothing spectacularly, unbelievably mind-blowing, but to us it is a new achievements and, ya, pretty good music. And to me personally it was somehow a life changer. I long so much for playing and creating music TOGETHER with others. As a somehow shy solo-artist, it doesn't happen much. I hope that will change and that I can do more of this in the near future.

PS: Possibly an EP will be out along some some videos. I'll keep you posted!

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