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What makes a good show?

☕️Finally sinking down in my bed with a big cup of perfectly made coffee, tired after a long weekend. Me and Erik Rolland drove all the way down to Stavanger to play a two-hour show at BlygeHarry. This was our first full-length concert together. And to be honest, as with most things you do for the first time, there was plenty of room for improvement. However, it was a great way for us to get this duo-project rolling, to get some new input from new roads, and most of all…we had a great time on stage, playing for a small but dedicated audience😊

After we played a few of the listeners came over to tell us how much they enjoyed it, which makes me so so happy to hear. Quite a few people also added "Too bad more people didn’t come out. If it wasn't for the bad weather…☔️" Although I agreed and was happy to hear I could blame the weather… I want to add something little,

🎶Of course, I always want to share my music with as many as possible. And a packed room can definitely create a magical vibe which is harder with an empty room. But on the other side, I'm genuinely beyond thankful for every person who does come out to see me!! 10 or 200… What makes a show good depends on the communication between me and each person and how I'm able to make them feel, not the number of people in a room.

I can choose to feel bad about myself for not being able to bring a bigger crowd. I do indeed have friends who fill up stadiums I can only dream about. But it doesn't mean anything if I'm not able to give a good show…which to me means giving the listeners moments of connection and realizations. 👭

For me, personally, the show last night felt decent. I know I had moments where my music and message clearly got across. I got a lot of great feedback afterward. I also felt present and alive and I enjoyed watching the audience smile back to me from their seats. Yet, I know for myself that I can do "better". I have more to give. I wish I was able to make the audience feel just a little bit better about the music/life/the moment. And that's why the critical me inside myself👩‍🏫 thinks the show felt "only" decent, not because it wasn't enough people.

🙏The point of this story is simply to tell you all how much I appreciate that YOU follow my journey by coming to shows, listening online, or simply showing your support here on social media. My voice as an artist is constantly evolving, looking for its genuine expression. I hope that, by time, my music and writing can be something you can relate to, appreciate, or find new perspectives or meaning in. ☺️

(Lastly, big thank you to BlygeHarry for having!!!)

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