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What shall we do? #greenfriday

((I don’t ever post political topics, so excuse me if I’m breaking any social rules))

🌎🐾I love the earth and its beauty, and I always have. The view from home blows my mind every day. I started caring early. I remember being 12, gazing at the falling snow and being scared; somehow knowing that there was something we, humans, are doing wrong. ❄️

Last December I put out videos every day where I gave daily tips on eco-friendly Christmas-gifts.🎄

This year, I pay much less attention to "saving the earth" in my everyday life. I do try to live waste-free(with varying results) by buying second hand, bringing my own bags to the stores, getting the expensive, eco-friendly products and so on♻️.

Yet, lately I find myself…. I don’t know…not caring less but just out of ideas. I know there are a million things I can do. I could make my own clothes like Marie Hansen - Stoffavhengig 💪Or be a food saver like Susanne Nordvang Nesse💪 Or an enthusiast like Karoline Nordal 💪Or start an Ecoorganization like @beeorganic ... 💪🌳

But when it comes down to it, we need politicians who dare to take bold decisions, risk money and wealth, who dare to be less popular, to actually make a difference, and nake green living meaningful and easy.🌿

I am 100% fine with never ever again be in an airplane, but until someone tells me I'm not allowed or raise the price or lower the price on trains or simply stop digging for oil... I will probably keep flying. My will power is not strong enough.👀

I drive myself crazy trying to figure out how to do more while trying to live my life and pay my rent. As I said, there are so many things I'm willing to give up… but to do it…⁉️🤷🏼‍♀️

What shall we do????

@erna_solberg ??

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