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Always Hungry - 05/15/20

There will be spoons, complains and blue-notes. Trotting rhythm and playful solos. Leather shoes and heartbreak.

Cottonheart and its fog and uncertainty has been out for three days. In only 4 days we're making a switch with the release of Always Hungry(asking for more).

One day last summer I noticed that there were a lot things in my life which bothered me. And it was all unimportant details which for some reason drove me crazy.

The socks itched. The hat didn’t fit. Pain in my neck. Too much rain. Too little shade. The sun set too early, and my man didn’t know how to put up a tent. My mind frowned and my longing shouted...

..and wondered If I started to turn into the type of person who complains about everything?

Cause that ain't me. Is it? I've always found life too beautiful and too complex to even bother to complain about..

I had to pause and ask myself what was going on?

I'm a life lover, ain't I? A fan of simplicity? Earthly bound?

So why do I seek perfection? When will I learn that if I seek for the perfect man I will seek forever?

With these questions roving my mind, I wrote Always Hungry(asking for more).

I had a man. He was almost perfect, so I kicked him out of the door. He gave his heart, but he weren't much handy. It was simply too hard to ignore..... etc.

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