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Cottonheart - 05/08/20

I felt straight up heartbroken.

Not by any person or any specific thing, but simply by life itself. There's something about living and emotions. It brings me to the deepest place, bends and break me, soaks me, shakes me… only because I exist.

One specific afternoon in October, when I laid soaked in tears on my floor, I picture a small and lonely, pretty but lonely cotton-ball standing on a wide-open field in a land with 4 seasons every day. And I thought: That's what I am.

I'm fake. A façade. I'm doll with a cotton-heart

And within 5 minutes I had written the two verses of Cottonheart.

What I realized this day is how much I need those moments of heartbreak and how much richer it makes me.

Just like the cotton-ball needs that rain to grow, I need my teas to make room for my smiles to breed.

And just like that cotton-ball will dry up pretty quickly once the sun comes through, it doesn't take much light to bright me either.

I hope my song 'cottonheart' will make you feel heartbroken in a beautiful way when it's out April 24th.

Warm up your ears? --> SPOTIFY

Photo: Bård Gauden

Edit: Laila Mol

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