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Covid-19 - Who am I in relation to the rest?

We've been handed a chance to reconsider our lives; To take a pause, look at it closely, and ask who we are in relation to the rest.

We get to look at society's different aspects as they break up into smaller pieces one by one. See how connected every aspect of living is. How dependent we are on assuming that tomorrow will come just like it did today.

We prove for ourselves that when it truly matters we do sacrifice. We give up our plans, are progress, and our economic control, for the community. We sacrifice our own lives for the 'weakest' ones. We don't know them we just know they exist, and that they are someone's love and that they might not survive unless we all step back and do like we're told.

Some will loose lives and some will suffer grief.

But for the most of us, this is a gift to ourselves. In an economic aspect it might be the greatest challenge we will ever overcome. Yet, we have been given a reason and a chance to look at our own inner and outer progress and the meaning in our own lives. Will we keep going like we did, or is this the chance we've been secretly waiting for to change?

I often ask myself

How much of how I usually spend my days are what I want to spend my days doing?

And for once I might actually listen to the answer. For someone who loves gardening, but spend all her day in the city either playing music or doing social media marketing...there's a gap between how I spend my days and how I would spend it ....if only....if only something... Maybe this is the time to figure out what that "if only something" is, and see if it's changeable.

My humble belief in that Covid-19 will lead to a better future for ourselves and the world as a whole. Those of us who are runners may have to slow down and see living from a slower pace. The already slow paced souls, the once behind the spotlight, will for once have to teach someone something. Teach us how to walk…

Some of us will have to work harder than ever. They will put on their mental superman jackets and be our heroes. The will feel how it feels to be a someone someone else need. Be important!

As emotional humans we will be stronger. We will learn trust, patience and community-work. We will drive ourselves crazy a little bit, but we'll drive the craziness as one.

And if nothing else, Mother Earth is breathing in our silence

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