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Focus and blur - Finding the details

It's important to zoom out and see the bigger picture.

See how the components of life work together. See how red looks together with blue, how happy feels alongside sad, how loud sounds mixed with silence. See me besides a you.

However, if I only see the full picture, the contrasts will fade and the beauty of the wholeness will hide behind the messiness of everything.

I need the details.

I need the sound of my shoes in wet snow. The raw bark against my skin. I need a songbird somewhere between branches. A pine to wide to reach around. A single blade of grass between million blades of grass. A bumblebee inside a sunflower. A warm wind wiggling the leaves out of balance. A giant snowflake on my cheek…..

I need all that, and much more.

If the meaning of life, in its widest form, means that I will be born, I will live, and I will go back to the state of being unborn; If that's the big picture, then the details are absolutely crucial. I need them to educate me and inform me, and most importantly, to remind me why living still matters.

Luckily, the details are around me all the time. They are constantly within reach and the amount is endless. The clue is to see them.

To focus my consciousness like I focus my expensive Marco-lens from Canon.

To truly see what I'm looking at, to blur out what I don’t want to see, and to save it as a memory to my inner SD card.

It takes practice, but it's an exercise resulting in smiles and lightness.

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