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Lives matter

🖤My Instagram and Facebook feed is filled with topics related to#blacklivesmatterand the events going on in the US. The topic of black Americans is something I still, after living three years in the US, struggle to understand, and I have to push myself to learn more about it. But despite everything I can't quite wrap my head around, my heart aches for those who live their lives in fear based on thr color of their skin. Unbelievable...

I find it challenging to protest online, though. I'm usually perfectly happy with letting others raise their political voices, and I'll rather make myself a silent ambassador for peace. But I do understand that this specific topic is not one to be silent about... So if nothing else, I will say this: Black lives matter. Your life matter. And I will do my best to learn, to listen, and to embrace all the colors of the world🧡💛🖤

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