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Moving On - 05.22.20

Once in a while I wake up to a need for change. An stream of motivation start brewing inside me and makes me go

"This is it. Today is the day".

I decide to stop biting my nails, or stop eating chocolate in bed, start jogging, or stop or start any other habit I feel like need to be changed.

Moving on was written when in was in such a flow of inspiration.

I sat on the floor of my room, in December 2018. I was neither happy or sad but rather charged with frustration and longing. Something about how I live my life needed to be changed.

It's not very often that I actually manage to change what I need to change, and I don't think I did that day either. Yet, I still enjoy those moments when everything becomes clear, my heart starts beating a little faster and my dreams appear a little brighter.

To me, Moving On is a journey out of something bad and into something good.

Out of the winter into the summer. And it's a journey I hope you'd like to join me on.

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