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Mr.Friday doesn't know

To you who has been in bed for the last few days and can feel how demotivation and frustrations crawl up into your mind like itching tics.

To you who didn't finish your work (or any work).

To you can't remember what you did this week(or day).

To you who see the same pale face in the mirror as you saw last Friday, and wonder what the thoughts have been up to this last week(besides adding blue rings to your eyes).

To you who will sit at home and wonder how much fun everyone else is having. And how much longer they will live because of how much more they laugh. You know, research shows that…whatever. Let's not think about ut.

To you who wish you had a date.

To you who is a little bit like 'Shit. What the heck is this thing called life and who am I trying to fool with this cheap makeup from H&M'

To you who feel a little bit like me (the above).

Please, let us not forget:

Friday doesn't know.

Mr.Friday has no clue how badly we did this week.

With that in mind; Let's take a break. Let's tab ourselves on the shoulder, say "well done", and enjoy a good sip of that Friday-evening-coffee.

Cause there's nothing like it!

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