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Do you "wear" you identity?

Sunday morning identity-reflections

What I chose to wear has to reflect how I feel. Sometimes I don't know what I feel, but I can't go out naked. Sometimes I feel too much, but I can't wear 12 layers. Often I can't tell one felling from another, and have to try everything in my closet. Sometimes I end up wearing the wrong outfit; a complete mental crash. I feel like I don't fit in. I could try to change my mood to fit my clothes. So far, that has never worked.

On the other side. Sometimes when I feel tired and weak, strong colors and sexy tall heals is the only way to get me out the door. Likewise, when I feel confident and pretty, I'm fine with lose and shapeless clothes. Also, if I have new clothes, they just happen to fit every food an entire week, until the clothes start to feel normal and find a place in the closet. Not to talk about if the clothes are bought second hand, very cheap. I'll not only wear it for a week straight, but take some selfies(normally not a common activity on my end), and post.

It's funny how connected clothing is with our identity, consciously or not. I don't care much of trends, but I care about that I feel like Eli in a way Eli feels alright. The thing is, I'm always changing. How I feel as a person and where I feel like I belong is a lifelong journey. Does the way I dress follow? I believe it does. From denim to dark suit to sporty clothes to leather... It's hard to say with certainty "this is my style".

I have to say though, if I want to go safe I can always jump into a big warm, cozy sweater and I'll be fine. Or since I work from home…what about pajamas all day? You know, It all comes down to COMFORT!

(went to a second hand market a new sweater.. selfie-time)

Second hand market

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