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30/04 - You're not weak because..

You're not weak because you sometimes give in to the devils in you mind.

You're not weak because you thought you would be stronger.

You're not weak because someone else appear stronger.

You're not a weak person because you say no.

You may feel weak. But you ARE NOT.

In a world where everyone is proclaiming their brand and their position, how do you stay true and respectful to yourself? Whether it is on social media or real life; it is never true that people succeed in everything they do….But, it can sure feel that way.

That's how I felt when I started writing 'Another Day'. I knew I needed to keep going, but I felt hopeless and devastated. I felt like the definition of real failure. Me, my being, my life. Failure. I put my teary hands on my guitar and strummed a random chord. The words that came out were:

"I'll try again another day

I'll try again another day,

another day, another day"

So I did, and here we are. Another day, one step further. New song coming out tomorrow!

You are not weak! Give yourself some time, and try again another day.

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