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When it all works out #songwriting

There are different methods to songwriting. My favorite strategy is to write based on “research”. I love when my paper consists of columns of rhymes, synonyms, historical facts, names of cities and places, as well as the lyrical ideas. 🤓

Right now I'm writing a song based on the relief you feel when a thunderstorm finally hits you after a long period of drought.⛈

Since the idea came out of a feeling, which I don't really have words to describe, I had to create a story around the feeling in order to find an effective way to convey the feeling... In other words: Songwriting is not only creativity and emotional release. It is work, strategy, analysis, and planning… it can be quite a battle, but once you got the ball rolling and you're clear on the story you want to tell, it's truly a lot of fun putting the pieces together. 🎶

I've been hitting some big barriers this week, spent hours looking at my paper praying for words to reveal themselves, not to mention doubting my choice of profession. Why would I spend my life doing such a 'ridiculous' thing as writing words on a paper? But. Tonight, when I closed the curtains, lit the candle, sat down with my wooden desk and cup of coffee…things started to open up.☕️ At moments like this, I'm so grateful for being able to call myself a songwriter. The reward is so much greater than the barriers!💛

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