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Feel it, write it, sing it

People say "This song just came to me..took me like 20 minutes"... And I think. "Dude, that's bullshit. That's not how songwriting works". Cause it's not...most of the time. The terrible fact is that idea to finished product can take you months and months and numbers of rewrites; A process which unfortunately tends to kill the spark you once had. However, the moment you feel "YES, THAT'S IT", the spark comes back and you can't wait to play the song for someone.

Now, it must be said...the reason for all this time and rewrites may not ONLY be that songwriting is hard, which it is; but we -songwriters- may also limit ourselves by trying too hard...Use the right rhymes, the fancy wording, the new way of saying something....instead of just SAYING IT! If you pay attention to the most powerful an effective songs on the radio, it's not the fancy, complicated-vocabulary-kind-of-songs, it's the song with easy, real, and simple lyrics. Maybe too simple sometimes, but yet, the message GETS ACROSS!

So how about this; What if I sit down for an hour, and write the song that popped up in my head this morning? I'm just gonna write it. Not try to twist it any fancy ways. Not add a crazy modulation. Not change my mind a million times. I'll just write it.... How about that? Is there a slight chance that I can manage to capture the feelings that roamed around inside me this Monday morning? You tell me, Here it one-hour-song, "Somehow"

Some day, I’ll find a day which have no way back

Where I no longer have regrets

I can carry my own weight with pride and faith

I'll find someday

Somewhere, there hides a place where I will find rest

A place where there is room for breaths

A pair of keys or maybe just boat out at seas

I'll find somewhere

Someone, will pick me up like a flower in spring

Take me home and not change a thing

Tuck my hair behind my ear, say to oh my dear

I'll find someone

Somehow, there’s got to be a way for us all

Even for a soul this small

With just a silent tear and a prayer

I'll find somehow

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