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This semester I entered the studio as a songwriter, artists, producer, and engineer. My goal was to produce an all EP by myself. I always strive for independence, as well as making my art come across as true and genuine as possible, and hoped that being my own producer, would do this.

I now know that producing oneself does not just mean taking decisions; it means taking HARD decisions, listen carefully and critically, being objective, being creative, being on point, kill your darlings, being hard to yourself... This requires discipline and practice, something I do not have.

That being said, after help from teachers and co-producers, I've somehow finished the tracks I wanted and put together a so-called EP, or collection of works; "Somewhere". This collection of demos comes from a state of mind where wonders and worries mixes with hopes for the future.

I'm excited to share the material with you and hope there is something there that will resonate with you. The tracks are only to be found on my website or Soundcloud. Now, be my guest and take a listen HERE !

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