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At times you may have no idea where life is taking you. You may have an idea of your final destination, but you don’t know how you’re gonna get there. You may know what kind of journey you’d like to take, but you have no idea how you will make it reality. You don’t know where you are in a year, half a year, or even a month. And it’s this aspect of life, not knowing, which makes life so exciting, at least I think. If we want to figure the ending we actually have to live it.

However, it can be frustrating. It can drive you crazy. It can make you worried and anxious and hopeless. If you’re in a tied-up situation, in a blue valley, caught in the musts from society and must not from your empty wallet…then having no plan may be synonym to having no way out; Being stuck and not finding meaning.

But not having a plan can also feel completely the opposite way. It can feel freeing and exciting. You feel alive and limitless. This was how I felt when I wrote my lates single, Somewhere. I had lived in Valencia for about a month. The country and culture was still new to me. The sun still surprised me everyday. I was busy. I was surrounded by new people. And the people was smiling.

This specific morning, the lyrics landed in my head as I walked to school at 8 am, with a café con leche in one hand, the sun in my face, and sandals flapping under me. I remember I looked down one of the very long streets, and observed how the morning sun painted beautiful shadows in the trees and the light glimmered like gold on the asphalt. For a moment I felt like standing on the water edge by an ocean somewhere, gazing out towards the sea, seeing only nothing out there, yet knowing that if only I go far enough there will be land...

I was on my final year of studies and was not able to make up my mind, either about the past or the future. But yet, at this moment it felt okay. I felt hope and belief inside me. I didn’t know where, but I knew that somewhere there’s a place for me. I didn’t know when, but I knew there’d be a day. I didn’t know who, but I knew someone would find me…somehow, I thought. "Even for a soul this small, I will find somehow."

I kept the lyrics in my mind all day. And at midnight, in stead of going home, I stayed at school. It took me only an hour to find the chords, the melody, and a scratch of the lyrics. Not many songs come like that. This one did, and it felt really good. The song has followed me since, as a reminder that somewhere, there’s a place for me. And as long as I keep moving, the somewhere is only getting closer.

Follow the lyrics below and take a listen to SOMEWHERE

Someday I'll find a way that doesn't lead back Where I no longer have regrets Where I carry my own weight with pride and faith Where failour is okay, I will find some day

Somewhere there hides a place where I will find rest A mailbox or a sign with my address A pair of keys, or maybe just a boat out at seas If it's far or near, I will find somewhere

Someone will pick me up like a flower at spring take me home and not change a thing Just tuck my hair behing my hair say "oh my dear" I am still so young, I will find someone

Somehow, there's got to be a place for us all Even for a soul this small With just a tiny little tear and a prayer What's lost must be found, and I will find somehow

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