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Homebound Travel - celebration

🚎It was only 7 am. The floor in my small room was shaking every time a bus passed by. I pulled the curtains to the side and looked out. The bus had stopped right outside my window. The double door opened and I could see a handful of emotion-less morning faces. Some sat, some stood up, but they all stared emptily out at nothing… "How boring. I'm never ever gonna have a 9-5 kinda a job", I thought….

🎶I kept going with my day. I practiced a little, wrote a little, researched a little, and tried everything I could to be a good freelancer. But when the clock turned 5 pm I still couldn't see any progress or had no physical result… "Goddammit, how nice wouldn't it be if I was one of those grumpy people at the bus who went to work, did what I was told to, and then could go home and know I'd done something?".

☎️I pulled up my phone, entered insta-world, and was met with a picture of a friend who was in India at a Yoga camp. I could feel the jealousy rise immediately, but I double-tapped to be kind. Next thing; new music video from my friend in Nashville. Cowboys and sunset were well represented. An ad popped up. "Study in LA, make your dream come true"…..

🌎Pulled towards all corners of the earth and all sorts of lifestyle, I sat down with my guitar and notebook, in my lonesome room in Bergen, and I wrote "Homebound Travel".

It's been out for a year today.🥳 I'm so happy that I was able to turn it into life in the first place (thanks to Martin Mikkelsen and Studio K21), not to mention to see the song keep living its own life and finding new listeners.🙏 If you haven't heard it yet or want to revisit it, here's a link:) HOMEBOUND TRAVEL

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